In 2017, Hola Skoko Group emerged with a mission: to elevate football training and opportunities for players aged 4 to 25. The 2018 season showcased remarkable achievements as players embarked on trials with various clubs, showcasing their prowess and passion for the sport. Notably, Hola Skoko Football Club participated in the Deep South LFA and the SAFA Promotional League, gaining invaluable coaching experiences that fueled their determination for excellence.

As the journey progressed into 2019, Hola Skoko Group redirected its focus to grassroots football development, birthing "The Soccer Studio - Soccer School" (TSS). This innovative approach aimed to nurture young talents from the grassroots level, providing specialized coaching under the guidance of dedicated academy directors. The establishment of the Junior Soccer League (JSL) in March 2020 marked a significant milestone, transforming TSS into a football hub attracting talents from diverse regions, fostering competitiveness, and catching the eyes of scouts nationwide.

Recognizing the symbiotic relationship between academic success and football excellence, Hola Skoko Group introduced "HS Learning Academy." This initiative aimed to support players academically, ensuring their holistic development and boosting confidence both on and off the field. By offering tuition across various subjects and grade levels, HS Learning Academy became a sanctuary where players could thrive academically and athletically.

However, the vision didn't stop there. With technically proficient and intellectually empowered players in their ranks, Hola Skoko Group envisioned a pathway for talent to flourish. Thus, "HS Football Agency" emerged as a beacon of trust and support for players at all levels. From grassroots development to securing professional contracts, the agency navigated players through every stage of their football journey, prioritizing their welfare and success.

Now, with Besteam Sport as their official technical partner, the alliance between Hola Skoko Football Club and Besteam heralds a new era of collaboration and excellence. As Hola Skoko steps into the Besteam family, the stage is set for a journey filled with innovation, empowerment, and unparalleled achievements.

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