Nestled along the picturesque shores of Camps Bay lies a football club with a rich history and a passion for the game like no other. Camps Bay Football Club, established in 1923, stands as a beacon of sporting excellence, boasting a multitude of accolades and a commitment to nurturing talent at all levels. Now, with a new partnership with Besteam Sport, the club is poised to soar to even greater heights.

At Camps Bay Football Club, inclusivity reigns supreme. With three senior sides and over thirteen junior teams spanning various age groups, the club welcomes players of all abilities. From seasoned veterans to budding talents, there's a place for everyone on the pitch. Competing in the prestigious Cape Town Tygerberg Football Association (CTTFA) league from April to October, Camps Bay Football Club's 1st Team shines in the First Division, showcasing their prowess and determination.

But Camps Bay Football Club isn't just about the thrill of competition; it's about community and camaraderie. The club's home ground, situated mere steps away from the sun-kissed sands of Camps Bay beach, provides a breathtaking backdrop for matches. Fans can enjoy the action from the comfort of the bar overlooking the pitch, with the majestic mountain looming in the distance—a scene that truly epitomizes the beauty of the sport.

The club's illustrious history is punctuated by triumphs and milestones. In 2014, the 1st Team clinched the 1st Division title and secured a spot as finalists in the Cup—a testament to their unwavering dedication and skill. Meanwhile, the Reserve team secured a commendable 2nd place in the league, with the 3rd team following suit as league runners-up and Cup finalists. Individual excellence was also celebrated, with player Wanda Ncube earning the prestigious Player of the League award. Furthermore, Camps Bay Football Club was honored with the title of Club of the Year by the CTTFA—an accolade that speaks volumes about the club's impact on the local footballing landscape.

As Camps Bay Football Club embarks on this new chapter with Besteam Sport as their official technical partner, the future brims with promise and potential. With Besteam's commitment to quality and innovation, the partnership is poised to elevate the club's performance on and off the field. Together, they forge a bond rooted in shared values of excellence, passion, and sportsmanship.

In conclusion, Camps Bay Football Club stands as a shining example of sporting greatness—a beacon of inspiration for aspiring athletes and football enthusiasts alike. With Besteam Sport by their side, the journey ahead is bound to be nothing short of extraordinary.


Besteam Sport warmly welcomes Camps Bay Football Club to the Besteam family.

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